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The problem is obvious; the solution seems elusive. They're on the roof, nesting in the warehouse, mucking up the sidewalks, scouring the food court, and their droppings are intolerable. Pigeons are remarkably resourceful and adaptive, and find food and nesting opportunities in unlikely and unwelcome places. Moreover, when they find new digs and set up shop they are there for life, literally.

We solve pigeon problems

Whatever the nature of your pigeon infestation, it is manageable. A life-cycle problem demands a comprehensive solution. We have solved pigeon puzzles for many clients, in a diversity of facilities, across a spectrum of industries. Every situation is different, but all generally require some combination of removal and deterrence. 

As trained biologists and intuitive falconers, we understand bird behavior. Our process includes a careful assessment, a straightforward cost proposal, and the experience and intuition to adapt our timing and tactics as pigeons respond to the abatement program.

An adaptive approach

Immediate relief

and enduring results

Our tool kit hosts all the conventional tackle, including traps, spikes, and netting, but we can also bear down with hawks and falcons to remove elusive pigeons or dissuade scouting birds from settling in. We deliver both immediate relief and enduring results.

"Things are looking so much better already. The poop volume has decreased by 75% or more [after only one week]!"

–Facilities manager, Ecotrust office building & events space

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