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Your crops are valuable and you don't need to sacrifice a percentage of your yield to the birds. Birds are smart, social, highly mobile, and relentless. Conventional scare-tactics like noise makers and visual deterrents don't work; it's time for a real solution. Free flying raptors represent a dynamic and credible threat to the marauding flocks, a threat that they can't and won't ignore. Our team will drive birds from your fields and ensure that more of your produce goes to market. 





Another crush, the promise of a new vintage, another season of fighting birds. This year leave the netting in the shed, keep your crew focused on the vines, and leave the bird chasing to the professionals. Falconry is the most effective and sustainable bird management tool available to your industry. We deliver a turn-key service that is natural and non-lethal. You'll have one less thing to worry about and more grapes going to the winery. 


Blueberries and cane berries are an irresistible treat to numerous bird species. With a long harvest season of mixed varieties, your farm becomes the center of gravity for multiple generations of local bird populations each year. You've tried propane cannons, electronics, reflectors, wind dancers, and shotguns. You're tired of spending time and energy deploying and moving bird control devices and still losing 20% of your crop. A well executed falconry program will reduce your losses to near zero and free you and your crews to focus on the crop instead of chasing birds around and moving propane cannons. 

Reduce your losses

to near zero

Raptors get under, inside,

and over the canopy


Orchards represent premium habitat for birds. They come for the ripe fruit or nuts, and find shelter and safety inside the tree canopy. Because of the structural complexity, all the places to hide, orchards are the most difficult agricultural crop to defend from birds. We know what it takes and bring a diverse and specialized team of raptors to get under, inside, and over the canopy. We roust them out, drive them away, and leave you with more undamaged produce.

"Integrated Avian Solutions is a key player in our commitment to deliver high quality blueberries to our customers."

–Farm owner/manager, Oregon

"What could be a better example [of sustainability] than harnessing the natural predator of our pest birds? Falconry is not lethal, doesn't use fuel, make noise, or leave any permanent trace of its activity."

–Biodynamic winemaker, Oregon




Raptors for bird abatement: vineyard owners send in the falcons.



Soaring to the rescue: vineyards using birds to protect precious grapes.

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