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You and your team take pride in maintaining a clean and safe workplace. When birds move in and muck things up, it's a big problem. They create messy and unhealthy conditions for your employees, they contaminate and damage your equipment and facility, and they compromise your valuable inventory.

We love a

good challenge

Every bird infestation and every facility is different, and we love a good challenge. We've helped many clients resolve complex and multi-layered problems involving birds. Whether it's swallows, sparrows, starlings or pigeons; inside or outside; seasonal or year-round; nesting, loitering, or roosting, we can help.

As wildlife biologists and falconers, we understand avian ecology and behavior. In other words, we know how birds think, what motivates them, and how to reverse your problem and guard against reinfestation.

We understand birds

"Integrated Avian Solutions helped us fix a serious bird problem, which was impeding workflow and creating regulatory issues."

–Manufacturing plant manager, Oregon



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