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Integrated Avian Solutions (IAS) is a network of talented falconers, experienced wildlife biologists, and passionate bird management professionals. We take a long and comprehensive view of every new opportunity and bring all our faculties and resources to bear with the singular goal of solving your bird problem. IAS was founded by Kort Clayton, MS. With over 25 years of experience as a professional bird biologist and falconer, he brings to the company a deep and unparalleled understanding of avian biology, which is invaluable for managing nuisance bird problems.


Falconry is the foundation of our business and the most powerful bird management tool on the market. When everything else falls short, pest birds will not ignore the threat posed by a free-flying falcon or hawk. Our falconry programs are turn-key, natural, non-lethal, and sustainable.


We also offer a full spectrum of integrated services to repel, remove, or dissuade unwanted birds from your urban, rural, or industrial property. We look forward to meeting you and helping solve your nuisance bird challenge.

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